This is a very humble but ambitious project, fully homemade with a close to zero budget.
We aim to entertain with our dream and passion, we seek to give you a show that will inspire all to do likewise.
We're not quite ready yet, so you'll be tagging along as we grow. 

Please do check all we have to offer (store) as well as our future projects and potential opportunities (future).

Support us in any way proposed if you like this project, by purchasing our music and merchandise or basic donations.
The more you'll support the more we'll be able to give you something magical.

Remember our motto as it truly does represent where we aim to be on a daily basis.

"Do not just be yourself, Strive to Be Better!"

To the ones who consider going for their dream or in the process of making it.

Never give up! May it be in good and bad times! I had to go the distance against all odds, figuring it all out as i go, today i'm glad i did not see these problems as such but as challenges to take on. 

There is always a way! Never give up!